I am a loved one or friend

A cancer diagnosis has changed your life, too.

At HopeWell, we understand that finding out that someone you love has cancer can be overwhelming. Cancer affects not just the person who is diagnosed, but their family and friends as well.

For more than 20 years, HopeWell has been helping family members, loved ones and friends cope with the unwelcome changes that come along with a cancer diagnosis. HopeWell is a community of support for people and families facing cancer.

Our programs and activities are open to family members and friends of people with cancer who are at any stage of the disease, from the newly-diagnosed to those who are living with cancer as a chronic condition... we understand that the journey through cancer requires more than medicine.

All of HopeWell’s programs are offered free-of-charge.
Our programs for family members and friends of someone with cancer include:

For almost two-and-a-half years, Cathy Cook lived through her husband’s chronic lymphocytic leukemia. As a wife and mother of two young daughters, Cathy saw first-hand how the shockwaves from Frank’s cancer spread through the entire family.

"I took HopeWell’s Mindfulness Meditation class where you learn to live in the moment. I really believe that because of practicing this, instead of crying for the last two years of Frank’s life, I was able to enjoy our time together." - cc

Our Mission is to create a community for all people with cancer, their families and friends, that encourages an exchange of information, the development of a support system and the presence of hope.