Frequently Asked Questions

At HopeWell, our focus is on bringing people together ... building a community. With over 18 years of experience helping people navigate their way through a cancer diagnosis, we have a pretty good idea of what questions are asked and which answers really work. Here are a few of our best suggestions but please realize that the true "genius" of HopeWell is in each and every participant. The best way to experience our collective strength firsthand is to attend a program or group. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question that is not addressed below.

Newcomers frequently ask...

What is a Welcome Meeting? What happens there and how long do they last?
Do I have to go to a Welcome Meeting before I can participate in HopeWell programs?
At the Welcome Meeting, newcomers are introduced to HopeWell. You will be able to explore our restored farm house and grounds. You will hear about HopeWell's wide range of programs and activities and how they benefit people with cancer and those who love them. Our facilitators will explain HopeWell's philosophy and history. You will also have a chance to meet the other newcomers as well as current program participants. Most of all, you'll be able to ask questions and learn how HopeWell can help you. And yes, we strongly encourage you to attend a Welcome Meeting first, before participating in our other activities and programs.

Can I bring a family member or friend?
HopeWell is a family-centered community and we recognize that a cancer diagnosis can affect many people in a family, and beyond. Most of our programs do welcome family or friends. Please ask your program instructor or group facilitator if bringing friends and family is appropriate.  

How is HopeWell funded?
All of HopeWell’s funding comes from philanthropy, mostly individual contributions as well as some foundation support. We don't receive any government money or charge any fees for our services. So, that means that we must raise every dollar of our $945,000 operating budget each year. And every dollar we raise stays right here, at HopeWell. To find out more about how to make a donation, please click here.

Is there a fee for the classes or groups?
All HopeWell programs are offered at no cost to our participants.

Do I need to be in treatment to participate?
Not at all. HopeWell is open to people at all stages of the journey through cancer, from the newly diagnosed to those living with cancer as a chronic condition. And for family member and loved ones, there simply aren't any time constraints at all. At HopeWell, we understand that an emotional response to cancer—either a diagnosis or a loss—can come at any time. You are always welcome.

Does HopeWell offer individual counseling?
While groups are the foundation of formal support, HopeWell Cancer Support may offer or recommend short-term supportive counseling sessions (i.e., individual, couples, family) for specific issues directly related to a cancer diagnosis. Requests for individual counseling services are evaluated on a case by case basis. To inquire about availability of these services, please call 410-832-2719 and ask for our Program Director.

Is HopeWell affiliated with a treatment center?
HopeWell is an independent organization. However, we do have informal relationships with cancer treatment centers across the region.

Is HopeWell affiliated with any other organizations?
HopeWell is an independent organization. However, we are an active partner in the community wide network of organizations that serve cancer patients and their families.

Does HopeWell provide programs at other locations?
All our programs take place at our house located at 10628 Falls Road in Lutherville, MD. However, in its effort to reach as many people with cancer as possible, HopeWell may, from time to time and depending on available resources, engage in providing programs at off-site locations. These may include groups, classes or workshops in hospitals or community agencies.

Does HopeWell provide massage, acupuncture, and other complementary therapies?
We do not provide “hands on” therapies such as massage and acupuncture. We do, however, provide programs explaining and addressing the value of these therapies.

What is the best way to contact HopeWell?
Really, it is up to you. Feel free to call. Our phone number is 410-832-2719. From Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, your call will be answered by a real human being, not a machine. (There are sometimes exceptions, but they are truly exceptions.) You can also email us at and your message will be directed to the appropriate staff member. Or, refer to staff listing for a list of staff members and their email addresses.

Our Mission is to create a community for all people with cancer, their families and friends, that encourages an exchange of information, the development of a support system and the presence of hope.